Rosie and Nandi were married this past weekend at the Los Palos Verdes Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes. Because the wedding was a few hours away from my home base, I stayed up in Redondo Beach for the weekend! The weather was even better than I expected, and I had a blast! It was wonderful working with new vendors up north like Rebecca and Angelo. Rosie and Nandi had a photobooth, and did a really neat toast called an “Amore” toast. To the song, “That’s Amore,” the entire bridal party and the newlyweds walked around the party to clink glasses with family and friends.

Rosie and Nandi, I loved getting to know you and I think you are perfect for each other! Your family and friends were so warm and inviting–I had an amazing time this weekend!
All of the photos you see here are courtesy and copyright of the wonderful Kim Irons.