One of our favorite ways to enhance an event space is uplighting! Truly, they make everything better, brighter and more flattering! Below, our friends at Artistic Productions weigh in uplighting and the different types available.

Uplights provide lighting symmetrically placed to boost the décor aspect for your event. They are an affordable room enhancement and look great in pictures. They brighten tall oaks for outdoor settings. They highlight the warmth of the sweetheart table, the cake table and offer an accent color to your main event color scheme. They help make the room “pop!”


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Two types of uplighting are prevalent today: Par Can 64’s & Par Can LED’s. Here are the basic differences between the two:

64’s (also called Par lights) are an older technology. They pack a capability for a higher wattage bulb (500-1000), thus a brighter throw of light. This is great for outdoor settings, large venues and venues with tall ceilings. You have a choice from hundreds of colors of gels to adapt to your event color scheme. They do use more power, though, and there are some venues that have power issues or “sub-out” electrical needs which means more expense to the venue, thus to you, the client.


 LED’s provide the more modern technology. They are low power and venue friendly. LED’s are perfect for lower cost, small venues or those with low ceilings. They are smaller & less bulky than 64’s. They produce less heat. Using the DMX technology, they too can produce any color you want. Some options even allow you to change the color of lighting throughout the evening. The power output, to date, is not as great as the 64’s. That may change someday soon.


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 Watch carefully as the technology evolves. LED’s may be more expensive, but will surpass 64’s in  favor & capability very soon.


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