I spent yesterday visiting my grandmother and got to see some wedding photos from her and my grandfather’s wedding. It truly amazes me how much things are the same, yet so very different from today’s weddings…
My dad’s parents were married on December 7, 1947 (the first anniversary of Pearl Harbor).
They were married a little over 60 years when my grandfather passed two years ago.

My grandma always jokes that her wedding dress only cost $12! Also, she gets a real kick out of my wedding stories as of course, wedding consultants weren’t around back in the 40s.
The first photo you see here is that of my great grandparents–my grandmother’s parents.
All of these photos are photos of photos, and were snapped yesterday on my iPhone. I loved seeing shots I hadn’t seen before of their wedding, and it got my extra excited about wedding season–as it officially kicks off for I Do…Weddings! this week!