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Hey ladies,

I know how hard it can be to get in the shape you want for your big day, so we wanted to share something awesome/cool/special with you… Bootycamp. Yes, you read that right! Bootycamp is a 4-8 week small group class, 6 ladies max, led by (my friend) Clifton Harski of focused on exactly what it sounds like, shaping your booty! But it’s not all about the booty… the workouts are designed to also shape up your arms, tone up your tummy and get your legs stronger. The classes use bodyweight drills that look a lot like active yoga moves, some exercises like pilates, and then also some kettlebell drills which are really effective.  By effective we mean this: the workouts will help you get stronger and leaner, especially when you apply the basic diet principles Clifton will share with you.

Clifton has been training people for 8 years, has been featured on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness site, spent 1.5 years traveling the country teaching workshops to over 1,100 people, and is now in San Diego leading group classes and private Bootycamps.

The private Bootycamp normally costs $25/each per class with a 2 class per week commitment (3x/week = $20/class), but because Clifton is our friend he is offering the camp at a 20% discounted rate to us, which is $20/each per class. But here is the real kicker, if 3 bridesmaids sign up, the bride trains for FREE!

In addition, you also receive a diet tip sheet for the fridge, homework(outs) to follow, 20% discounted rate on private training with Clifton, and $10 drop in access to any of his other open spots during the week. Clifton will create private facebook group page for your group so that you can lean on him and support each other to reach your goals.

Clifton has reserved Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm, and Saturdays at 8am for a I Do…Weddings & Events Bootycamp-so first come first serve!. The class is held in Bay Park, and the info can be found here. If you or your bridesmaids and/or friends want to arrange for another time and location you can e-mail Clifton at [email protected] and he will work that out with you for the just $10 more per session, per group!