I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to someone wonderful! Kasey Shepard is the newest addition to the I Do…Weddings! team. Kasey has become a friend and colleague, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have her on board! The beautiful photo of Kasey you see here is courtesy and copyright of Luna Photo–thanks Paula and Mike!
Kasey will be planning events on her own, as well as assisting me on occasion. I asked Kasey to introduce herself to you all. So, without further ado, here’s a little from Kasey in her own words:
A little about me: I am very excited to be a part of I Do…Weddings! As a recent bride, I love spending time with my husband, our family, and friends. I have a passion for cooking and wine. Enjoying good food, tasting great wine, and having great conversations with friends is my idea of time well spent.

Background and Experience: I have been working in event planning/management for about 5 years. I worked for the PGA Tour and coordinated the pro golf tournament at La Costa, a pro tennis tournament, events for the Arthritis Foundation, and currently work for Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space. I manage events at different Universities around the country. I am starting to coordinate weddings professionally after doing many for friends, family, and most recently, my own :) Melissa Barrad was my coordinator and because of her, I was truly able to enjoy my wedding day and not have to be in “planner” mode. I am looking forward to the opportunity of being able to do the same for brides like you!

Kasey can be reached at [email protected].
Welcome Kasey!!!!