Yvonne and Andreas got married on November 20th, 2010 at The Grande Del Mar. It was my first time getting the opportunity to do a wedding at The Grande, and this wedding definitely lived up to my expectations of what a wedding should be like at The Grand Del Mar resort. Yvonne and Andreas took great care to make sure that their wedding was a memorable event for not only themselves, but also all of their wedding guests. Yvonne was a very DIY bride. She made the invitations, the save the dates, the programs, and even her beautiful veil! Come on… she made her own veil!
The Grande Del Mar was an immaculate setting for their special day. The Capplla on site was where they held their ceremony. It was beautifully ornate, and carefully decorated with candles and florals. It was the perfect romantic background for their intimate vow exchange. After the ceremony guests were treated to cocktails on the terrace and then invited into the Manchester Salon for dinner. The room was immaculate! Soft candle light gave off a romantic low glow to the whole room. The entire experience of Yvonne and Andreas wedding was one of great intimacy. You really felt like you were part of their family when you were at their wedding. Yvonne even pulled me out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss! I had such a blast being part of this wedding, and I am thankful for the opportunity.
Thank you to the amazing vendors who made this day possible!
Venue: The Grande Del Mar(Paige Levy)
Photographer: Troy Mayer
Rentals: Fusion Linens
Officiant: Rev. Powers
Hair and Makeup: The Haim Salon